A lot of the residents of Ayia Varvara deal with the agriculture; livestock farming or they are householders of big farming units. Agriculture roughly 40 years ago was an exceptionally difficult work. The farmer was working from the early morning and returned home in the evening. It cultivated a relatively low area, because the tillage was done with the oxen that drew the plough.
The agriculture today has been modernized. The farmer has a lot of precious assistants, the instruments, which have simplified to a large extent his work. It is an occupation in which the last 40 years it has been observed a swift development in the methods, but also in the means of culture. Some people they have it as their main occupation and other have it as their second occupation.

In westwards of the community, in the borders with the villages Margi and Analiontas exists a big veterinary surgeon modern plant that raises roughly 300 nursing sows.

In the southwestern side of the community exists an area, which includes 3 big modern plants of stockfarming of cows. Each unit raises roughly 200 cows. In southeastern of the village exist avicolous units that raise chickens. Also in the region exists a horse-training center. Also in the same region exist 3 modern units of stockfarming of ovines that raise roughly 500 animals.