Over the past ten years several large developmental projects have been completed in our community in cooperation with the competent government departments. The following projects are indicative of the projects that have been completed:

Water Supply projects

  • During the years 2003 – 2007 two small enriching dams were created in the river Yialias at a total cost of €48.000 in order to enrich our water drillings.
  • Cleaning of the dam in the river Yialias in 2008.
  • Expansion of the water supply network during the years 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2011. During the expansion, part of the village was connected to the water tank located in the industrial area. The total cost for the expansions was at €200.000.
  • Replacement of 2km long asbestos pipes that were part of the central water supply network with new plastic PVC pipes. The replacement began from the Poupes area and continued until the village’s main road. The total cost was €140.000.
  • The construction of two new water tanks at the location Poupes, of a total capacity of 1000 m³, took place in 2006 and 2011. The cost of the project was €215.000.

The completion of the above projects has permanently resolved the water supply problems of our Community, ensuring constant water supply.

Construction of pavements and pedestrian areas

  • Construction of pavements along Grigoris Afxentiou Street and Papastavrou Papagathaggelou Street during the years 2004, 2006 and 2007. This project has ensured safe passage for all residents and most importantly of the children attending the primary school and the Gymnasium. At the same time, rainwater sewerage pipes have been installed to resolve flood protection issues. The total cost of the project was €350.000 and it was covered entirely by the state.
  • Construction of a pedestrian area which links Olympou Street with Griva Digheni Street took place in 2009. The construction cost was €50.000.

Flood-protection works

The appropriate rainwater pipelines have been installed along several streets of the Community, namely on Papastavros Papagathaggelou Street, on Grigoris Afxentiou Street, on October 28th Street, at the junction of Olympou and Griva Digheni Street, as well as along Pastoyiannou, Agias Marinas Streets and along the road leading from Agia Varvara to Kotsiatis.

Road Construction  

  • Bituminization of Evagoras Pallikarides Street (Karpasitis area).
  • Bituminization of Pastoyiannou Street (Laxies area).
  • Bituminization of Griva Digheni Street (Rotsovrysi area) to link the Community with the industrial area. Cost: €25.500.
  • Construction and bituminization of a road leading from Agia Varvara’s borders to Alambra. The road cost €100.000 and it was entirely covered by the Ministry of Defense.
  • Marking and construction of a road at the location “Lies” and of another road from the Kindergarten up to Agia Paraskevi. Two bridges have also been constructed. Total cost: €50.000
  • Construction and bituminization of the new road linking Agia Varvara with the Community of Alambra, located along the motorway leading from Nicosia to Limassol.
  • Construction and bituminization of Dramas Street, along with the construction of a bridge.
  • Regular asphalt screeding along community roads (Griva Digheni Street, Olympou Street, Isaak and Solomou Street, Antrea Spanou Street, Pastoyiannou Street, October 28th Street etc).


Developmental Projects

Agia Varvara State Kindergarten

After a request was submitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture, the construction of a new modern building, which first operated in 2010, was achieved. The school is fully equipped and able to cover the needs and demands of our era. Our excellent cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture has contributed to the Ministry covering the entire total cost for the purchase of the land and the construction of the school, which rose to €700.000.

During the construction of this project provision was made for the operation of a second classroom. Due to increased needs, the Ministry of Education proceeded with the completion of the second classroom.

Agia Varvara Primary School

All necessary measures have been taken to upgrade the school building and establish it as an earthquake proof one. Additionally, all necessary equipment and teaching aids have been acquired, with a total cost of €273.000, which was entirely covered by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Agia Varvara Gymnasium

Since 2006, when we assumed duties as School Inspectorate, the Multiple Usage Hall has been upgraded, including upgrades to the floor, the paint on the walls, the soundproofing of the different areas, as well as the installation of proper lighting and modern sound systems.

In cooperation with the Technical Services of the Ministry of Education, the Principal and the Parents’ Association, the entire premises of the Gymnasium have been upgraded. An entertainment hall and workshops have been built, while a canteen and staff car park have also been created. Safety rails have been installed and flood protection works have been completed, while the yard has been configured in such a way that it can be used by the students. Finally, the necessary equipment for the operation of the school was bought, with the above purchase costing €500,000, a sum that was entirely covered by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Park dedicated to the Heroes of Agia Varvara and Choristi of Drama

The construction of the Park took place in 2010 and aimed at honoring the heroes of our village. Its location next to the Gymnasium was nothing but random. The area was chosen so that it could constitute a Monument of historic memory for the youth of the Community. The construction cost rose to €50,000 and it was covered by the Ministry of Communications and Public Works and private grants.

The District Administration of Nicosia has awarded the Community’s Heroes’ Park as one of the two best Parks in the Nicosia District.

Creation of parks and greenery areas  

The creation of greenery areas and parks has been a primary concern for the Community Council. Up until today various greenery areas have been tree planted (Holy Cross Chapel, Poupe Hill etc.) and a park has been constructed in the area where the plots for the poor families are located.

Community Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre at the Holy Cross Chapel has been expanded, while electricity is also supplied now. As a result, lights have been installed in the Chapel and Amphitheatre’s area. The cost of these works was covered by the Ministry of Communication and Public Works, the Ministry of Interior, the District Administration of Nicosia and the donations of fellow villagers and other citizens.

Handcraft Industrial Zone

The construction of all necessary infrastructure works for the handcraft industrial zone has been completed and all procedures for the allocation of plots to those eligible are under way. The construction cost rose to €210,000 and it was entirely covered by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Expansion of the Cemetery

During the years 2009 and 2010 the existing cemetery was expanded. The appropriate area configuration has been completed, the internal road has been bituminized and graves have been designated. Finally, the car park has been formed and a kiosk has been constructed to cover the needs of the Cemetery.

Separation of plots for poor families

In cooperation with the District Administration of Nicosia, four stages for the separation of plots have been completed so far and a fifth one is being prepared. As it is known, these plots are allocated to families who meet the requirements set by the Government Cabinet. What is also noteworthy is that families of our village are given priority as far as the allocation of a plot is concerned.

Construction of raised crossings

After a request was submitted by the Community Council to the Department of Public Works so that problems regarding safety along the main road of the Community be resolved, the Department of Public Works has suggested the construction of three raised crossings. The Department of Traffic Studies of the Ministry of Communication and Works has approved the crossings and the Ministry has proceeded with their construction. In particular, crossings have been built along the following streets:

  • Grigori Afxentiou Street, Soteri Tsagkari and Rodou Street
  • Grigori Afxentiou Street, Limnou Street and Arch. Makarios Street
  • Papastavrou Papagathaggelou Street, Agiou Nectariou Street

Local Plan

The process for the preparation of a Local Plan in our area began in May 2011. The Community Council considered the requests of the residents and presented them to the Competent Authorities to be adopted. The completion of the procedures and the publication of the Zones were held in June 2012.

Community Buildings and Formation of the Central Square

After Mr. Georgios Stavrou Kampouri donated the residence of Georgios Savvas to the Community, the Community Council, after buying five more neighboring residences, proceeded with the construction of Community Offices and the formation of the Central Square. The construction cost rose to €650.000.


Agia Varvara Community Council