The Community Council of Ayia Varvara primarily aims at transforming the village into a modern community, where all the inhabitants will enjoy contemporary facilities. Within this frame, it has helped at completing numerous infrastructure and embellishment projects.

Some of them are:

  1. Construction of Community Amphitheatre.
  2. Expansion of the water supply system in the residential area.
  3. Repair, conservation and conversion of Mastros Glioris workshop into a museum with the name “Ayia Varvara protoindustrial workshop”.
  4. Paving with asphalt the road connection Ayia Varvara with the community of Alambra.
In progress

The Community Council has already scheduled other projects that will improve the community:

Some of them are:

  1. Construction of community park
  2. Construction of community field.
  3. Purchase of land for construction of community buildings and square.
  4. Construction of water tank, in the “POUPES” area, for the coverage of the community needs.
  5. Construction of slab-paved sidewalks, along the main road. This project started in 2004 and will be concluded in three phases.