An old custom, that the progress and the modern facilities have extinguished it, is the are slaughtering of the pig. Each family grows in the courtyard of their house a pig in order to slaughter it during the days of feasts. The eve of the New Year’s day, the housewife was boiling in a cauldron a lot of water. The butcher with the help of other men was slaughtering the pig. After the slaughtering and the cleaning from the hair with boiling water, they were tearing the pig and then separate it into pieces: head, legs, intestines, gammons etc. The urinary bladder, otherwise called “fouska” of the pig, was given to the children to play after it was cleaned. The intestines were washed well and put in the vinegar. Small pieces of meat from the pig were put for eight days in the wine and then these pieces were inserted in the intestines to make sausages. The sausages and the meats of the pig were hanged afterwards and a fire smoked them in order to be dried. Afterwards they were led to the sun in order to dry them more. From the meat of the pig they ate all the year.