Over the past few years the community of Agia Varvara has seen a significant housing development. The geographical position of the village, in combination with a series of developmental projects, constitute some of the most important factors for the observed development.

Agia Varvara is chosen by many people as a place of permanent stay due to its geographical position. In particular, it is located in the centre of the free areas of Cyprus offering a very good road network.

The various services that are offered in the Community constitute an important reason why young residents are attracted by the area. In particular, Agia Varvara is a community offering a Kindergarten, a Primary School and a Regional Gymnasium.

The housing development in the Community was also boosted by the housing plans. More specifically, 200 plots were granted to refugees in four stages for self-housing purposes, whereas plots were also given to poor families. At the same time, the Land Development Organisation has promoted three projects for the construction of 100 housing units.


Agia Varvara Community Council