Cultivated land in Ayia Varvara harmonically coexists with uncultivated land. The natural environment consists of forage plants, such as wheat and barley, olive trees, vine yards and of wild plantation, such as pine trees, brigalows, and cypresses. The main product of cultivation is barley. The cultivation of barley is one of the main occupations of the inhabitants.

The systematic cultivation of barley was recently initiated, since vine yards cultivation used to be their primary occupation. However, that was considered profitless and that it why they were replaced with barley seeds or olive trees. Many plots of land were even rented to professional farmers for the cultivation of barley.

The cultivation of olive trees is limited in the village, as it mostly regards domestic needs. Many of the inhabitants produce oil for their own use.

What is worth mentioning is an area covered in green. This area is named Phytorio (nursery garden). It is a small mountain, where pine trees, cypresses and brigalows were planted. This area belongs to the Forest Department, but the community council plans on constructing a community park next to it. This park will include a playground, a playing field and a kiosk.

It is also worth mentioning that during spring, all almond trees with the blossoms add a pleasant note to the plain.

Ayia Varvara Community Council